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  • Yes. Click the link on the left hand side bar

Wouldn't mandatory disclosure of donations and gifts harm democracy by weakening political parties? 

  • Parties might receive slightly less in the way of donations if these had to be disclosed which might lead to less political advertising.
  • The effect of this would would probably be fairly evenly spread. Independent candidates might be less disadvantaged which could be argued as actually strengthening democracy.
  • The greatest negative effect would be to any party that had been relying on ‘dark money’. Again, this might well benefit democracy.

Wouldn't 'real-time' disclosure laws lead to endless litigation after elections? 

  • Under the model we favour all donations would be made directly to a statutory authority who would then distribute them to the intended party or candidate and disclose this on their website. Litigation should not be an issue unless a candidate or party illegally accepts direct donations.

Isn't there a risk that donors might be targeted by opposing parties or candidates? 

  • There is no real evidence that this happens despite the claims of interested parties. We're not suggesting donors' names need be disclosed when the sum involved is modest (eg under $100 in local government elections).
  • Large donations should be completely transparent.
  • If donors require anonymity it may indicate that they have something to hide. 

What about ‘shadowy’ third parties spending money promoting a candidate?

  • Special interest groups (environmental groups,  corporations, unions, sporting associations etc) should be required to register if they are advertising on behalf of (or against) a candidate or party and should be required to disclose their funding and expenditure.

Does F&D have a position on the public funding of political parties and a complete ban on donations?

  • While public funding and a complete ban on all donations might seem like a solution it may well be unconstitutional and it's probably unworkable in practice. 
  • We have yet to see a public funding model that provides for equitable funding of candidates prior to election or one that doesn't increase the already considerable advantage of incumbency and/or the status quo.
  • There are significant issues relating to the influence of third parties (ie unions, corporations, charities, environmental groups etc). If donations to both them and political parties are or are not banned under a public funding model.
  • We encourage debate, welcome contributions and encourage discussion on the topic. Visit and contribute to our Facebook page or simply send us your thoughts.

Who is funding F&D

  • F&D is entirely funded by members' subscriptions and small donations (of under $100). All work is voluntary and we are not associated in any way with, nor do we receive any support from, any political party or group, corporation, or other organisation of any kind.
  • Any donations of over $100 will be disclosed and we very much look forward to being able to post such disclosures.

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